Iron mountain cover

This Is Where Billionaires Keep Their Secrets. Iron Mountain Underground

If the question of, what is the most valued thing in the 21st century was raised, certainly there would be many answers. Some would say money and some would say it's gold. But,...
Yoshi the sea turtle

The Amazing Story Of Yoshi The Loggerhead Turtle

It was the year 1997 when a loggerhead sea turtle was saved by a crew of a Japanese vessel. The turtle was the size of a dinner plate weighing just 2 kg when found. This little reptile was named “Yoshi” after a man named “Yoshitaro”, the cook of the vessel who appeared to be very small in looks.
Egypt Tutankhamun

The Curse Of Egypt King Tutankhamun – What Happened To The Tomb Investigators

According to the old folklore of Egypt, it is said that there is a curse related to the mummies. They believe that the opening of an Egyptian tomb, specifically the tomb of Pharaoh or with any other mummy will definitely lead someone to death.

What Is The Japanese Kokedama- Will It Add Beauty To Your Place?

Kokedama is a new trending indoor plant that comes up in the style of the bonsai plant. In order to make your surroundings glamorous using simple things, the best option is to keep Kokedamas.

Alcatraz Escape-The Only Prisoners Who Escaped From The Most Secured Prison

Alcatraz became the world’s most secured prison in 1934. It was in 1962 when three people were successful in escaping from here.